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2nd Pattern Fairbairn Sykes All Nickel Commando Knife

Second pattern Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife by Wilkinson Sword

This is the first type of second pattern, similar to the first pattern, but with a straightened cross guard, and drop forged blade without ricasso.
Over the years I have had several 1st patterns, but this is only the fourth all nickel second pattern I have owned, and I believe these are more elusive to find than a first pattern knife. Around 40,000 of this type were produced.

Good clean blade with crisp logos, everything tight as it should be. no signs of over sharpening, although the very tip is slightly misaligned.

Housed in a near perfect and fully correct 2nd pattern sheath retaining its elastic (detached on one side), tabs, and nickel plated chape.

A very fine and hard to upgrade example of this sought after knife, which has not previously been in a collection.

Blade length 6.5 inches.

Strictly over 18's only.

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1912 Pattern Cavalry Officers Sword By Wilkinson 7th Hussars

The sword of Hon. Hugh Raufe Grosvenor (1904-1930), only son of the 2nd Lord Stalbridge, Second Lieutenant and aide de camp to the Governor of South Australia

He graduated from Christ Church, Oxford University, Oxford. An avid sportsman in 1925 he rode his father’s horse, The Saint IV, to victory in his first steeplechase at Cardiff and won the Cheltenham Gold Cup on Thrown In in 1926, but he failed to win the Grand National in 1927, being thrown at the first fence. He also crewed his father’s yacht, Tally Ho, which was berthed at Warsash on the River Hamble where his father had a house, when it won the Fastnet Race in 1927.

The following year he took up a post as ADC to the Governor-General of South Australia, where he could indulge his passion for flying, and it was there on 6th January 1930 that he was killed in an accident when his plane went down in the sea and his body was never recovered.

He is commemorated on a bronze monument in Motcombe church.

His father served in the Northamptonshire Yeomanry and was awarded the Military Cross for his service in the First World War.

London Gazette 16 November, 1926. "War Office, 16th November, 1926. Regular Forces.CAVALRY.
7th H.—2nd Lt. The Hon. Hugh Raufe Grosvenor (Universitv Candidate), from Gen.List, T.A., to be 2nd' Lt., 17th Nov. 1926, with seniority 17th Nov. 1925.

A very fine example, certainly one of the best I have owned. Fully engraved bowl guard, chequered pommel, wire bound shagreen pistol grip.

Blade with initials "H.R.G." which match the proof book entry Serial number dating to December 1926. Blade length 34 inches.

Housed in correct dress scabbard, and complete with original knot. With some cleaning to the interior of the guard, and addressing one or two small areas of blemish to the blade and scabbard, and this sword would be suitable for a serving officer.

A digital copy will accompany the sword, so that the new owner can start research. I will also provide a digital copy of an image of Grosvenor in dress uniform, wearing this very sword.

Strictly over 18's only.

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This item is Age Restricted

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1821 Light Cavalry Officers Sword By Wilkinson Hampshire Yeomanry Cavalry

The sword of Alfred Barton, Longmead House, Bishopstoke.

London Gazette 1st January 1868. "Commissions signed by the Lord Lieutenant of the County of Southampton.
Hampshire Yeomanry Cavalry. Comet Alfred Barton to be Captain, vice Arundell, resigned. Dated 30th December, 1868."

Even untouched patina to the exterior of hilt and scabbard. Shagreen and original twistwire all present and correct. Domed chequered pommel.

Extremely fine blade with family crest, over the initials "A.B." Wilkinson proof slug, serial number, and makers cartouche, along with standard foliate etching and crowned VR cypher.

Blade length 34.5 inches.

Housed in its original steel scabbard with two hanging rings, and Wilkinson marking to the throat.

A fine example to this sought after unit, with potential for plenty more research. Sold with a digital copy of the Wilkinson sword proof ledger entry for this sword.

Strictly over 18's only.

Code: 52059Price: 695.00 GBP

This item is Age Restricted

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Edwardian 1897 Pattern Infantry Officers Sword

The sword of Captain K.W. Greene.

Kenneth Wollaston Greene was born in 1880. He married Constance Agnes Jackson, the daughter of Robert Jackson, of Ormesby House, Huddersfield, in 1909.

Kenneth partnered with his brother, John, also a solicitor, becoming the firm of Greene & Greene, established in 1893. The brothers were part of the promintent Greene family of Suffolk, which have included a Governor of the Bank of England, a Director General of the BBC,an Everest Mountaineer, and the internationally-acclaimed author Graham Greene. The family is also linked with Bury St Edmunds brewers Greene King, which John and Kenneth’s Great-Great Uncle, Benjamin Greene, founded in 1799.

Greene joined the 2nd Volunteer Battalion, the Suffolk Regiment, and I have found the following appointments.

London Gazette May 6th 1902 "2nd Volunteer Battalion, the Suffolk Regiment,Second Lieutenant K. W. Greene to be Lieutenant. Dated 7th May, 1902."

London Gazette December 16th 1904 "2nd Volunteer Battalion, the Suffolk Regiment, The undermentioned Lieutenants to be Captains:—K. W. Greene. Dated 17th December, 1904."

London Gazette September 8th 1908 "5th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment; The undermentioned officers, from the 2nd Volunteer Battalion, The Suffolk Regiment, are appointed to the battalion, with rank and precedence as in the Volunteer Force. Dated 1st April, 1908 : Captain Kenneth Wollaston Greene."

A good example of the harder to find ERVII 1897 pattern. All shagreen and wire present, well formed hilt.

Finely etched, clean blade, no makers marking, standard foliate etching, along with monarchs cypher, crest, family motto and intertwined initials K.W.G.

Housed in the standard brown leather field service scabbard.

An interesting sword, to a member of a prominent Suffolk family. Plenty more research to be carried out by the new owner, including the possibility of WW1 service.

Strictly over 18's only.

Code: 52060Price: 395.00 GBP

This item is Age Restricted

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1788 Light Cavalry Troopers Sword

A very good example of a 1788 pattern Light Cavalry Troopers Sword.

Sword langet faintly marked "B.39" and scabbard faintly marked "B.20" which is indicates an original "mismatch" within the troop. Further cleaning may improve these markings, as the sword is untouched, but I leave that up to the next owner.

Shagreen grip is original and complete.

Original scabbard, suspension rings absent.

Blade length 33 inches.

Strictly over 18's only.

Code: 52064Price: 895.00 GBP

This item is Age Restricted

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1899 Pattern Cavalry Sword with Experimental Leather Covered Scabbard

Scarce set, including the leather covered "field" scabbard produced for the Boer War, to reduce glare on the veldt. They were experimental and some estimate only 1000 were produced for trials.

Also includes the more traditional steel scabbard.

The sword itself is in good condition, and carries regimental markings to the interior of the bowl for the 3rd Dragoon Guards, who served in the Boer War.

Strictly over 18's only.

Code: 52074Price: 695.00 GBP

This item is Age Restricted

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Baker Rifle 1823 Hand Bayonet

A good original example of this hard to find bayonet.

Blade measures: just over 25 inches. just over 30 inches overall.

Quillions have been curled, probably when used as a side arm. Some movement between blade and hilt, easily corrected if desired.

Strictly over 18's only.

Code: 52065Price: 295.00 GBP

This item is Age Restricted

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Imperial German Trench Knife

An interesting example, with a name carved into the left hand grip scale.

Generally very good condition, small chip to the pommel.

Blade has been greased, and has no faults. No visible makers markings.

5.75 inch blade.

Strictly over 18's only.

Code: 52072Price: 195.00 GBP

This item is Age Restricted

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German Sawback Bayonet

A good used example, in need of a thorough cleaning, by Carl Eickhorn, Solingen.

10 inch blade.15 inches overall.

Strictly over 18's only.

Code: 52067Price: 145.00 GBP

This item is Age Restricted

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Home Guard Presentation Desk Stand

Shield to the front reads:-

"Home Guard C Company 3. S.K.R. Sports 1943". "Won by No 2 Platoon on points"

Interesting scratch built desk tidy, makers details to base.

5.75 inches high, 7 inches wide.

Code: 52068Price: 45.00 GBP

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