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Early Production 1st Pattern FS Knife

Here is a lovely untouched example of a 1st pattern Commando dagger, with some of the characteristic variations associated with the earliest production knives.

These features include the pronounced "S" curve shaped cross guard, which has had the shoulders of the blade hand ground to fit.

The Wilkinson logo, which when observed closely shows a more floral design than the standard etch pattern, and this pattern is only found on these knives with the pronounced "S" cross guard.

What may make this knife unique from the handful of other pronounced cross guard examples I have seen, is that the crossguard itself is reversed. Ordinarily when viewing the "FS" etch, the right hand tip of the crossguard points up, where as here, the left hand side points up.

Aside from these unusual characteristics, this is an extremely pleasing example, with full length blade (6.75 inches) retaining its original needle point.

Both etch panels have kept the grey shading colour, with no loss of finish. Some minor areas of staining to the blade,which would improve with gentle cleaning, but otherwise perfect.

Saving the best til last, the knife will come supplied with some provenance to the original owner, who served with No 3 Commando, who were the first commando unit to be created, and therefore very likely to be issued with the newly completed first pattern commando knives upon their formation.

Strictly over 18's only.

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Georgian Scottish Officers Broadsword

A beautifully untouched, sleepy, and complete example of an Scottish officers broadsword, with blade marked to J.J. Runkell Solingen.

By no means a pristine sword, this example retains its original shagreen covered grip, with wide spaced twistwire binding which is all complete. This grip is loose. I can see no sign of the hilt ever having been apart, and can only attribute this movement to some of the damage taken to the basket guard.

The guard has no losses that I can see, but it is cracked in several places, possibly from being used as a boxing glove. Although all holding firm and not distorted per se, it is certainly showing its age.

The blade is true, free from bends, breaks and major nicks. It looks to have either been plated, or treated in some way, which has removed some of the details from the fullers, but both can be seen to read "J.J.Runkel, Solingen" when held in the right light.

This provides a good window for dating the sword between 1795 and 1808, maing it a Napoleonic period piece.

Blade length 32.5 inches.

Either restored, or left "as is" this is a very rare, and desirable sword, worth of any serious Napoleonic sword collection.

Strictly over 18's only.

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Wiltshire Regiment And MGC TFWM Group Of Five

Wiltshire Regiment Machine Gun Corps Serjeant Philip Hurn.

The Territorial Force War Medal correctly impressed 1236 PTE P.T. HURN WILTS.
The Territorial Efficiency Medal correctly impressed 200130 PTE P.T. HURN 4-WILTS R
The BWM and Victory meal pair correctly impressed 113112 SJT P.T. HURN M.G.C.

The Defence medal unnamed as issued.

A very good unresearched group.

Code: 52416Price: 525.00 GBP

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Edward VII Infantry Officers Sword

1897 Pattern Infantry Officers Sword by Wilkinson.

Attributed to Lieutenant George Mayall, The Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshireand Derbyshire Regiment)

2nd Lieutenant 27th Febuary 1901 (L.G. 14/5/1901)

On 21st July, 1908, George transferred to the Berkshire Royal Horse Artillery as a Lieutenant. A preliminary glance shows that he served with the RHA during WW1.

A very good example, untouched, bearing the initials "G.M." to the blade. The hilt retaining all of its shagreen and twistwire binding. Some loss to the plated finish on the hilt and scabbard. Blade generally clean, with good clear etching. The whole would benefit from some gentle cleaning.

Blade length 32.5 inches.

Complete with a digital copy of the Wilkinson Sword Proof Book, showing sale to a "G. Mayall" of the Deby Regiment in March 1902.

Plenty of scope for further research.

Strictly 18's only.

Code: 52414Price: 395.00 GBP

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K98 Bayonet Matching Numbers And Frog 1942

A very fine example, with matching numbers, all dated 1942, including the original frog, produced by Paul Weyersberg (CRS)

Code: 52429Price: 225.00 GBP

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German Private Purchase Fighting Knife

Almost identical to the Luftwaffe Pattern Boot Knife, but without inspection markings. Instead it carries a makers marking in the form of a swan.

The only reference I can find to a German Cutler using such a marking is E.F.Horster.

An interesting and quality example.

Blade length 6.75 inches.

Strictly over 18's only.

Code: 52425Price: 185.00 GBP

This item is Age Restricted

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Military MBE And MID Group Of Five RASC

Military MBE Group of Five with MID awarded to Captain Douglas Eric Gray(.198472).

Commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant 5th August 1941.

Awarded a MID in the London Gazette "War Office, gth August, 1945.The KING has been .graciously pleased to approve that the 'following be Mentioned in recognition of "Gallant and distinguished service in North-West Europe"

Awarded his MBE on the 24th of Januarry 1946: "The KING has been graciously pleased to give orders for the following promotions in, and appointments to the Most Excellent Order of the British
Empire, in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in (North. West Europe:—Capt. (temp.) D. E. GRAY (.198472)
Royal Army Service Corps (Bolsover).

A nice complete grouping, with plenty of scope for further research.

Code: 52413Price: 225.00 GBP

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Blue and Gilt 1796 Infantry Officers Sword

A very good, untouched example by Wooley and Deakin.

A high proportion of the original fire gilding remains to the hilt, which also retains a crisp folding guard.

Blade with a good amount of blue and hilt decoration, which would benefit from some gentle cleaning.

A small amount movement between blade and hilt, easily rectified with a replacement washer.

Blade length 32 inches.

Strictly over 18's only.

Code: 52443Price: 395.00 GBP

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Silver Mounted Skean Dubh

Clear Hallmarks for Edinburgh 1959.

Makers mark T.E.

8 inches overall.

Strictly over 18's only.

Code: 52407Price: 175.00 GBP

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K98 Bayonet With Frog By Berg&Co

A very good, matching numbered K98 Bayonet, dated 1940, by Berg&Co, complete with frog.

Code: 52430Price: 215.00 GBP

This item is Age Restricted

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