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Officers Pistol Clarke Dublin

.650 Officers pistol by Clarke of Dublin.

"Clarke" to the lock.

Nine inch barrel.

Top flate reads "Dublin" along with the Irish firearms registration mark "IK-S 1138"

Brass furniture on Walnut stock.

Crisp working action.

A fine and untouched Georgian Pistol.

Strictly over 18's only.

Code: 52237Price: 895.00 GBP

This item is Age Restricted

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Exceptionally Clean 1854 Infantry Officers Sword

Once of the cleanest swords I have seen a quite a while.

A full size fighting example, with a 33 inch blade, one inch width at the ricasso.

The blade marked J&B PEARSE&CO HART ST COVENT GARDEN, LONDON". John & Brice Pearse were a well established firm of tailors and outfitters working in various locations in Covent Garden since 1790 until 1924.

Blade near immaculate, with original polish and most of its frosting intact. The usual floral etching along with crowned V.R. to either side. Centre of percussion marking to the spine. Hardly a blemish to be seen.

The hilt perfectly formed and free from damage. The original buff leather knot is still in place.

Shagreen grip full present, as is all the twistwire binding.

The scabbard is almost case hardened in places, showing an attractive oily blue colour over the plating. Some scuffs and dings, and loss towards the centre, but not misshapen and generally very pleasing.

This sword has obviously been tucked away in a bag is some attic for many years, and has somehow managed to largely avoid the ravages of time visited upon so many other blades.

Strictly over 18's only.

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Early Military Kukri

A very fine military kukri, likely pre WW1, but reminiscent of some Great War battalion issue kukri.

Steel bolster and butt plate.

13 inch blade, 17 inches overall.

Blade bright with lots of original finish.

Complete in original scabbard with two matching karda. The sheath with some loss and old repairs, but still holding strong.

The best wielding kukri I have found in a long time.

Strictly over 18's only.

Code: 52241Price:

This item is Age Restricted

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1822 Infantry Sword Named

The sword of Colonel J. D. Lysaght, Staff Pay- master, Army Pay Department.

An unusual piquet weight sword, with folding guard, which has a plain blade, proof slug but no makers markings, with a floral etched banner showing the name "J.D.LYSAGHT"

The sword housed in a steel scabbard with two loose rings and a loop, which has been japanned black. Blade in good condition but in need of a clean. Etching clear and bright. Guard slightly misshapen but could be corrected without too much effort. Folding guard functions correctly and crisply. Some loss to the right side of the shagreen grip.

Blade length 32. inches.

Generally a solid untouched sword which would benefit from some TLC to improve its appearance.

Brief research into J.D. Lysaght reveals the following, much more to be done by the next owner.

Commissioned into the 35th Foot and transferred to the 66th Foot in 1869.
Ensign James Douglas Lysaght 17th November 1869. 66th Foot

Brevet Colonel J. D. Lysaght, Staff Paymaster, to be Chief Paymaster, with the substantive rank of Colonel in the Army, vice Colonel E.H. Gorges, retired. Dated 1st December, 1903.

Strictly over 18's only.

Code: 52235Price: 225.00 GBP

This item is Age Restricted

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Georgian Midshipman's Dirk

A fine Georgian Naval Officers Dirk of uncommon length.

Blade measures 16.5 inches

A good double edged plain blade with central fuller running its entire length. The brass ferrule bears the original owners etched initials of "E.P."

Gilt brass mounts with an ivory grip.

The underside of the crossguard is stamped 'FT' (Francis Thurkle).

1766-1790: Francis Thurkle 15 New Street Square, near Fetter Lane, London
1790: Francis Thurkle & Son - 15 New Street Square, near Fetter Lane, London
1791-1801: Francis Thurkle (Son) 15 New Street Square, near Fetter Lane, London

Due to the grip material, UK sales only.

Strictly over 18's only.

Code: 52247Price: 275.00 GBP

This item is Age Restricted

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Tin Chirra Kukri

Horn and Bone Gripped Kukri with three fuller or "Tin Chirra" blade.

Looks similar to those made by K. B. Thakuri & Sons, Ghoom, Darjeeling, but this one is unmarked.

Blade measures 11.25 inches, 15.75 overall.

Strictly over 18's only.

Code: 52240Price:

This item is Age Restricted

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MK II Steel Helmet Divisional Sign

A very interesting 1937 dated helmet, complete with original netting and with a painted red triangle division sign.

Correct liner and chin strap.

Excellent condition.

Code: 52250Price: 150.00 GBP

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Aircraft Manuals

A selection of 20 sets of Pilots Notes on various aircraft, including the Spitfire.

Code: 52244Price: 95.00 GBP

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Standard Training Notes For Flight Mechanics (Airframe)

A hard to acquire volume.

Code: 52245Price: 25.00 GBP

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Instruments by R.W. Sloley

A good 1942 dated copy of this sought after book.

Code: 52246Price: 20.00 GBP

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