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Fresh Stock Coming SOON!!

Apologies for the recent lack of updates, we have been busy scouring the country and are excited to reveal a few of our latest purchases, which include several high end collections and even the partial contents of a national museum!

We have amongst our new stock an important collection of historical kukri knives, firearms, swords, bayonets and FS and other fighting knives.

These will begin to be uploaded to the site in the next few days, so stay tuned, and many thanks for your continued support and interest.

This year will be Great Scott Antiques fifth birthday, so we will be celebrating in style, and rewarding our loyal customers. Keep an eye on the website for updates.

Code: 52682Price: On Request

This item is Age Restricted

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Smith's Patent Percussion Cartridge Cavalry Carbine

A very good example of a Smith’s 1857 Patent .50 calibre Break Action breech loading percussion cavalry carbine.

Invented by Dr. Gilbert Smith of Buttermilk Falls, New York, he succeed in having his Carbine trialled at the Washington Arsenal in the spring of 1860, where it impressed signifiantly to result in the army placing an order for several thousand. It was also trialled and passed for use with the Pony Express.

The Smith Carbine was unique in that it broke apart in the middle for loading by depression of a break lever located within the trigger guard and it used rubber cartridges which sealed the gases in the breech. The downside was that these cartridges were difficult to remove.

This example bears markings to the reciever showiting that it was built by Massachusetts Arms Co Chicopee Falls, and Distributed By Poultney & Trimble of Baltimore, Maryland.

Early four digit serial number shows it is likely a pre Civil War Gun.

Saddle bars and ring fitted.

The metal work has even patina with some original finish.

Wood work is all original and is generally very good, showing the usual minor knocks bumps and bruises.

The carbine has a 21 ˝” barrel which has a clean bore and crisp rifling. The carbine measures 38 ˝” overall.

It is complete with steel butt plate, trigger guard, dolphin hammer, flip up graduated ladder rear sight, fore sight and sling swivels.

The action is very crisp, and hold firm on full and half cock.

Nickel silver panels to either side of the butt and fitting for an extra sight show this gun was one of many thousands of surplus arms sold off post war, some of which famously found their way into the hands of Fenian raiders.

Strictly over 18's only.

Code: 52681Price: 1495.00 GBP

This item is Age Restricted

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Luftwaffe Aircrew Machete

An incredibly scarce sawback example of the Luftwaffe escape machete.

This was issued to long range bomber crews and reconnaissance aircraft crew as part of the onboard survival/rescue equipment.

Partial maker marking of weighing scales for Alcoso of Solingen, which is correct for this pattern. No other visible markings. As these machetes were purchased from the civilian market, no acceptance markings are found.

Two patterns of this machete are known, this being the much harder to find "Zweites Modell" with sawback.

Scabbards were of metal and also an ersatz stiffened cardboard, but I have also read that they were stowed in a rack without scabbard.

This example was purchased recently as part of the estate of a Home Guard Officer. It seems likely this item may have been liberated from a downed bomber. His details can be passed onto the buyer.

Well used condition, even patina to blade and hilt, one grip scale cracked, slight movement in the hilt, and very sharp.

Strictly over 18's Only

Code: 52672Price: 995.00 GBP

This item is Age Restricted

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Royal Naval Officers Sword Claymore Blade

An 1827 Pattern Naval Officer’s Sword incorporating a ‘claymore’ blade, which although non-regulation was fashionable with well heeled Royal Naval Officers in the 1870’s and1880’s.

The blade etched with makers name "Galt, Gieve & Co Naval Outfitters Portsmouth". They operated with the "& Co" between 1859 and 1880 and ran the business from 111 High Street Portsmouth. From 1881 to 1886 they were plain Galt & Gieve at the same address.

Proof slug showing a Fleur de Lys which is a known marking for a Wilkinson trade blade of this period, and Gieves are known to have sought there better quality fighting blades from Messrs Wilkinson of Pall Mall.

Blade is etched with a Victorian Queens crown and royal arms and crowned fouled anchor.

Blade Length: 31 Inches

Regulation gilt brass hilt with a particularly handsome lions head pommel. The white rayskin grip is all complete and in very good order, bound with brass twistwire.

The folding guard is present and functioning correctly, with no slackness.

Black leather scabbard with gilt brass mounts, the top with retaining pin to lock the sword into the scabbard when the folding guard is down. Two suspension rings.

The blade with some dark staining and salt corrosion in places. Lots of original polish remaining. Generally a very nice example of this more uncommon variation, which has room for improvement.

Strictly over 18's Only

Code: 52671Price: 595.00 GBP

This item is Age Restricted

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1845 Pattern Infantry Officers Wilkinson Sword

An early numbered Wilkinson 1822 pattern infantry officers sword with the 1845 pattern blade.

The serial number, dating the sword to January 1855.

The guard appears to have been pierced from behind at high velocity,which as blown out over half of the royal cypher. One can only offer the conjecture that this may have been done during battle.

The knucklebow has also been compacted, almost to one solid D shape.

The sword has areas of shagreen missing, but retains its twistwire binding. Blade and hilt are solid, with no movement.

The blade in generally very clean condition, traces of old protective wax which have preserved it well. Slightly rubbed makers markings, but clearly Wilkinson, well executed proof marks, and standard foliate etching with crowned VR cypher, centre of percussion marking to the spine.

Housed in a regulation steel scabbard with twin hanging rings. Scabbard is rusty and corroded, but should clean well.

Further images available upon request.

Strictly over 18's Only

Code: 52666Price: 295.00 GBP

This item is Age Restricted

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Georgian Coast Guard Cutlass

An interesting and hard to come by example, of the type used by the coast guard and customs circa 1820.

Brass D guard and cast iron grip, both in excellent used condition.

No Langets.

No visible makers markings.

29.75 inch curved, single fullered blade in good untouched condition.

Strictly over 18's Only

Code: 52677Price: 295.00 GBP

This item is Age Restricted

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Dispatch Riders Helmet 1942

A good example with painted unit and rank markings which are 100% original to the helmet.

Liner dated 1942 and maker marked BMB for Briggs Motor Body's.

Unit marked to 989 Coy RASC which were Motor Transport.

Two painted Pips denoting this helmet belonged to a Lieutenant.

A really nice bit of kit.

Code: 52678Price:

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Staghorn Jack Knife

A very clean, and used example, by Joseph Allen Sheffield.

All springs tight and "snappy".

Strictly over 18's only

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This item is Age Restricted

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Imperial German Trench Fighting Knife

A good untouched example with wooden grip slabs, in steel scabbard with leather belt loop, and retaining strap with pop stud fastener.

Blade length 5.75. inches, 10 inches overall.

A good untouched example.

Strictly over 18's only.

Code: 52674Price: 185.00 GBP

This item is Age Restricted

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Middlesex Regiment Officers Beret WW2

A good and scarce Middlesex Regiment Officers Beret with bronze cap badge and divisional flash of the Royal Armoured Corps.

Soiled and dirty, with minor nips but no holes.

Khaki interior with some stamped markings, the ones in the centre are now very faint.

Fresh to the market.

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